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Where to buy the new Ben & Jerry’s x Nike SB Chunky Dunky trainers

By DopestKickz | 03 June 2020 | 378 views | 4 Comments
 Love ice cream? Love Nike SB? If you answered yesto either or both of those questions, then youre sure to adore the Ben & Jerrys x Nike SB Dunk Low Chunky Dunky.     
In hot summer, ice cream always brings us happiness, and Ben & Jerrys and Nike Skateboarding are teaming up to heat up the summer with a tasteful Nike SB Dunk Low collaboration inspired by the companys signature Chunky Monkeyice cream flavor.   

  This pair is inspired by the famous manufacturer of fun, unconventional and colorful ice cream.  It is directly inspired by the ice cream cups, with green hills, blue sky, fake cowhide, a inner tie dye lining and a yellow swoosh that reminds us of a melting ice cream.  The bovine accents are textures to look like they came straight from the cow, while the blue and green signify the lush fields and clear skies where their dairy livestock graze.  The "CHUNKY DUNKY" tag on the Nike SB adds the finishing touch to this shoe, which is a happy homage to a beloved sweet treat.  
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