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What Do You Think Of the YEEZY Foam Runner

By DopestKickz | 09 November 2019 | 164 views | 1 Comments

Kanye West’s YEEZY Foam Runner was leaked and then officially unveiled by The Face magazine on Instagram, giving us our best look at the rubber clog-like design that was first worn by ’Ye’s daughter North West in June. Of course, social media reactions were vicious, dubbing the shoe “YEEZY Croc” and offering unflattering comparisons.
 Kanye West debuts a new sneaker design. Social media hate and ridicule rolls in. The shoe drops and people ultimately buy it. 
Featuring no laces or any moving parts whatsoever, the Foam Runner makes use of a porous construction, drawing comparisons to every line-cooks go-to shoe – the Croc. Transparent and see-through uppers are still a bit of a trend in sneaks, so it’s not like the shoe isn’t wearable – we’d just advise against rocking them in any precipitous condition. 

November 24,2019 19:07
looks pretty futuristic on my opinion it doesn't look that bad but it's not the thing i'd love.
I totally agree with you.
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