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Stylish and Comfortable Summer Sandals and Flip Flops in 2020

By DopestKickz | 22 July 2020 | 216 views | 0 Comments
 When it comes to summer footwear, lightweight and breathable is the key. There are plenty of flat and comfortable styles that are as stylish as they are practical.       
 Be it a tourist-inspired sandal for a long solitary walk, a flip flop to accompany your backyard swim look, a cozy WFH-appropriate slide, the best summer sandals are suited for every “socially distanced summer” occasion.    
 Regardless of the slide you’re going for, it’s a perfect sandal to get into for summer. Here are some of the best-sale summer sandals to choose from.     

1. Louis Vuitton Monogram Dome Dia Flat Mule Sandals

2.Givenchy Logo-Print Rubber Slides Sandals

3. Gucci Tiger Print Sandals

4.Louis Vuitton Honolulu Mule Sandals

 Nearly every brand has riffed on the style, applying chunky soles, futuristic materials and high-end leathers into the style.   

5.Dior Toile de Jouy Embroidered Dway Mules Collection

  Other colorways are available on site too.

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