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Is The Canada Goose Emory Jacket Worth It?

By DopestKickz | 11 January 2020 | 102 views | 0 Comments
In recent years, Canada Goose was transitioned from a smaller brand focusing on functional wear to a very stylish brand that became extremely popular.
Just like many others, it started out as a very functional brand for outdoor gear. Interestingly, it was not named Canada Goose but Metro Sportswear. They were growing slowly and in the early 90s, they expanded to Europe. Unfortunately, someone else was already using the term Snow Goose so they switched their branding to Canada goose.
By then, Canada Goose had become so popular that model Kate Upton wore a jacket on a Sports Illustrated cover swimsuit edition. Today, Canada Goose continues to focus on quality and domestic Canadian production. The Canada Goose product lineup has steadily increased and now includes lighter weight jackets as well as pants and other outerwear things. Of course, with the popularity of the Canada Goose brand, also a lot of counterfeit jackets pop in the market just like with Moncler.
There's value in warmth. My previous Goose jacket (bomber style) kept me warm for years during a daily 10 minute walk from the subway to my university building in the mist of several frigid Toronto winters with seemingly frost bite-inducing winds.

If you've live in place with cold winters and have had to brave a daily commute in the midst of a harsh, mid-January snowstorm, you likely know how uncomfortable is to be wearing a jacket that lets the cold through. 
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