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How to Customize Your Air Force 1S

By DopestKickz | 15 November 2019 | 133 views | 0 Comments
Air Forces are about as versatile and timeless as it gets in the case of white sneakers. They' re the perfect DIY shoe, and are kind of like a coloring book with regard to stitching and lining and all that jazz.
If you’re somebody who loves to draw, regardless of if it' s something you do often or consider yourself to be “good at”, this is actually a really fun mode of self-expression.One easy hack if you have zero confidence in your artistic ability, though: stickers! (And, another hack: be confident! Everyone has the capacity to be creative like this).

1. Just color the panels if you don’t want to fully commit

This sick is a really cool way of going about customizing these. By coloring just the panels in, you can focus on smaller details. Plus, it gives the shoes a more refined look and makes it look like you actually copped them at the Nike store.

2.Just color the swooosh

Anyway, another cool take might be for you to just go ahead and go in on the swoosh itself and leave the rest of the shoe blank. This dripping design seems pretty advanced for a beginner.

3.Just swap the laces

If you’re stress-prone when it comes to DIYs, this is a nice way of sprucing up your shoes without running the risk of “ruining” them. You will quite literally be able to find any and every variation of shoelace you could possibly imagine and the creative potential is actually boundless.

4.Flames are always a safe bet

Whether they’re on a Harley Davidson tee, a tattoo, or your brand new Air Force 1s, flames as an aesthetic symbol seem to be universal loved and valued.

I know— if you thought for even one moment that there were a finite amount of ways to make your AF1s the coolest shoes you’ve ever owned, you were sorely mistaken.

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